Tahini Chicken Skewers

Tahini Chicken Skewers

Tahini Chicken Skewers
These marinated and grilled tahini chicken skewers are full of flavor, making them a perfect idea for a quick and easy summer BBQ dish.

Add pepper, tahini, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, garlic, soy sauce, sugar, and Sriracha sauce to a food processor.

Blend thoroughly until fluid.

Put the chicken, toasted sesame seeds, and green onions in a zip-top bag with the marinade.

Marinate for at least three hours and up to overnight in the refrigerator.

Wooden skewers should soak for at least two hours in a container of water while this is happening.

Lightly oil the grate and preheat an outdoor grill to medium heat.

Put skewers with chicken on them.

Grill chicken skewers for about 3 minutes per side, or until the juices run clear and the chicken is no longer pink in the center.