Pistachio-Chocolate Friands

Pistachio-Chocolate Friands

Pistachio-Chocolate Friands
A friand is a tiny cake made in France from almond flour. This version, which has pistachio and cocoa powder flavors, is absolutely delicious!

Preheat the oven to 320 degrees F (160 degrees C).

Grease 12 small cake moulds well with butter.

Melt 10 tablespoons butter in a saucepan until it becomes golden over medium-low heat.

Remove from heat and let cool.

Combine almond flour all-purpose flour confectioners’ sugar demerara sugar cocoa powder and baking powder in a bowl; stir together until well combined.

Add unwhipped egg whites and mix until well combined.

Add melted butter and pistachios.

Pour batter into the prepared moulds.

Bake in the preheated oven until a toothpick inserted into the center of the friands comes out clean 30 to 35 minutes.

Bon appetit!