Marinated Stuffed Cherry Peppers

Marinated Stuffed Cherry Peppers

Marinated Stuffed Cherry Peppers
These marinated cherry peppers make the ideal antipasto addition to serve with your upcoming Italian meal because they are filled with mozzarella that has been wrapped in prosciutto.

Peppers can be cored by cutting a circle at an angle toward the stem.

Scoop out the seeds and membranes like a small pumpkin after removing the tops.

To fit each pepper, slice mozzarella into cubes that are roughly the size of a thumbnail.

Invert the prosciutto slices.

Fill the open peppers with mozzarella cubes that have been wrapped around each half.

Put olive oil in a jar or other container with a lid.

Add the Parmesan cheese, along with the red pepper, black pepper, salt, and oregano.

Well-whisked together Peppers are added to the oil mixture, then the lid is sealed.

Allow to marinate for five to six hours.

Serve the jar immediately.