Chocolate Lovers’ Fudge with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

Chocolate Lovers' Fudge with Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Chocolate Lovers’ Fudge with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey
The special ingredient in this dense, rich chocolate fudge is Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Two types of chocolate are used and the fudge is garnished with pecans.

Pour the whiskey into a small bowl, add the pecan halves, and let them soak for about three hours.

Aluminum foil is used to line an 8-inch square pan.

Cut two foil pieces to a length of about 14 inches, then cut or fold each piece to a width of 8 inches.

One piece of foil should be placed over the pan’s bottom and the two sides from left to right.

Cross the first layer of foil from the top of the pan to the bottom using the remaining piece of foil.

Fold any extra foil over the pan’s sides after firmly pressing it into the corners.

Now that the fudge is finished, you can remove it from the pan using a double foil sling.